Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catch Up

So after our first IUI with Clomid and yet another BFN, I kind of sank into depression. At the same time, my boss gave me the opportunity to work in a town about two hours away for the holidays. So I took the opportunity for a little break! I was driving back and forth and really busy, so we put all of the TTC stuff on hold. I missed my husband tremendously, but it definitely took my mind off of TTC. When it got close to time for me to come home, I started to get really nervous about starting to TTC again because of how depressed I was before I left. I went ahead and took Clomid in November, but we didn't really track anything, and we did nothing in December or January. We decided that we would start trying again as soon as my cycle started and would plan to do another IUI with Clomid. About two weeks before I was supposed to come home, I started my period (almost two weeks early!!) and it lasted for six days!! After it stopped, I continued spotting for about the next week and a half until I was full on bleeding again!!! What the heck?!? So I called my doctor and they prescribed a progesterone supplement of some kind that I had to take twice a day for four days. I stopped bleeding for last two days that I was taking the pill, but then spotted for about a week after that. Now I am just waiting for AF to come back again (in just a couple of days) so that we can start our 6th round of Clomid and hopefully do our 2nd IUI. I am praying for peace, and that maybe this break gave us the fertility boost that we need?!?!