Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back In The Game...Or At Least I Thought I Was

So after about two days of being down in the dumps I got a phone call from my mom telling me that she started researching and found a RE where I live and he takes my insurance. I have been seeing an OBGYN and thought that the only RE in my area was six hours away. So I spoke to the woman in his office and she said that I would have to do 3-4 IUIs before moving on and it would take a while for us to get an appointment with the RE. So we faxed them our insurance info and called our OBGYN to do another round of Clomid and IUI. Unfortunately, I was supposed to ovulate on Thursday and it never happened. Instead, I started spotting on Friday. I also got a phone call from the RE's office to let me know that they couldn't read my insurance card off the fax (that I sent two weeks ago) and they needed me to fax it again. So now I'm sitting here with insane mood swings and ridiculous acne for no reason what so ever, and deciding whether or not I want to do this bs again next month or to take a break. What also goes into this decision is the fact that I am graduating from college with my bachelors degree next month. Do I want to be a crazy acne ridden freak during finals and graduation pictures? Hmmm not so much. I just hate to feel like I've wasted a month when we have now been trying to have a baby for TWO YEARS!!!!