Thursday, July 14, 2011


Since our first visit with the RE, I've been thinking about him saying that there is a possibility that I have endometriosis. After my progesterone test at 7dpo last month came back normal (11.5), I'm beginning to think that my LPD self-diagnosis my not be accurate. Then came AF...might I mention the biggest biatch AF ever in my life!!! TMI alert: horrible diarrhea, nausea, cramps, pelvic pain, thought I was gonna die, had to go to work 2 hrs late. So I got online and started looking at endo. What I didn't realize about endo is that it can cause spotting before AF, which is my biggest concern about my cycle and I swear is why I haven't gotten pregnant yet. Some other facts about endo that surprised me are the fact that most women aren't diagnosed until 25-35 because it is something that gets progressively worse as time goes on. So if I had been on BC for 5 years (which is usually what they treat the effects of endo with) I probably didn't see the symptoms and during the past 2.5 years that we've been trying to have a baby it could have progressed. The only way to diagnose endo, however, is to do laprascopic surgery. The two plusses to having the surgery would be that they could treat the endo right then and they could check my tubes that the same time (the test to make sure my tubes are clear costs $1800 and insurance doesn't cover it). Sooooo my doc wants to do a round of Femara next month (which I have read is being studied as a treatment for endo) with IUI. I expressed to him how much I HATED Clomid, so he wanted to try something different and I've read that many women that didn't conceive on Clomid went to Femara and got pregnant on the first try! So fingers crossed!!!!