Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Early Pregnancy Symptoms or Just the Flu?!?!

So I am 6dpo and SICK! Yesterday I started having stomach problems (enough said) and then by evening my whole body was aching and my throat was really sore. I woke up this morning truely miserable and called in sick to work. Now, even though I am tired, I can't go back to sleep. My husband is in bed next to me and I'm trying to type quietly so I don't wake him. I, of course, went straight to the blogs to see if these could be implantation symptoms or early pregnancy symptoms. As usual, no clear answers but its definitely possible that I'm FINALLY preggers. Some info said that it is a sign of implantation and most say that it is a good sign that I will get a bpf. I'm being cautiously optimistic...either I'm pregnant, I have the flu, or my husband is slowly poisoning me because I am barren ;P.

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