Friday, March 11, 2011

Clomid Round 6, IUI Round 2

Okay so I think I had forgotten how nerve-racking this whole thing is. I had so much anxiety on IUI day (CD16). Everything went seemingly well though! I'm quite confused about what his count was this time, but it looked like about 50-60million good ones post wash. The reason I am confused is because I'm pretty sure it was only 9million last time. That is a shocking leap, so idk maybe it was 90million total last time? The doctor said he had about 130million total (motile and nonmotile post wash), so that number sounds really good either way. I know all we need is one good one and it is all about God's timing for us. I think the worst part is the dreaded two week wait! The worst part about the tww is the fact that EVERYTHING that happens with my body I think is a pregnancy symptom! I had hiccups ALL DAY yesterday, and I was just sure it was an early pregnancy symptom! lol. I'm going to try really hard to wait until 14dpo to take a test, so we'll see! It is so hard because I'm a naturally optimistic and hopeful person, but I almost have to make myself not get my hopes up because I am so afraid of having a melt down again if it doesn't work this time. Its like I want to be hopeful because I believe in positive energy, but I don't want to cause myself any extra pain...and on top of it all, this month marks two years that we've been ttc...uuuuggggghhhhh!!

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